More Than Just a “Month”: Leaving Our Mark as The New American Mainstream 24/7

By: Luisa Acosta, Managing Partner/VP of Culture & Brand Partnerships


As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, I am reflective of the month’s celebrations and the road ahead for our vibrant community. I am a proud Mexicana, born in Guadalajara Jalisco who came to the US at the age of three . My bicultural upbringing and strong immigrant values are the inspiration behind my journey to achieving success in male-dominated corporate America and the advertising industry. Like many in my community, my language and cultural roots have shaped my identity, as has my experience as an American. As the daughter of immigrant parents, I’ve never lost sight of the hardworking spirit and heroic path paved, so that I can have the courage to achieve my dreams and pay it forward for others in my community.

As we celebrate the richness of our culture and recognize those who are doing groundbreaking work that moves culture and business forward, our agency is also celebrating a proud moment – this month we are being honored by the Los Angeles City Council for our award-winning campaigns and for paying it forward through our commitment to bringing up the next generation of brown and black creatives. Our CEO & Founder, Tish Galindo, had the vision to create an agency that elevates all cultures, grows brand love and delivers business results for our clients while also doing meaningful work for small and large nonprofits.  Our team of brilliant rebels, futurists and culture connectors are part of the New American Mainstream that’s changing the narrative through powerful storytelling and bold creative to show that we are not just about “un mes….” we are year round strong. Vibrant, powerful and growing economically.

Luisa & Tish - The 360 Agency


Our community is far from a monolith. We see ourselves as Hispanic, American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Afro-Latina, Latinx, bilingual, and Chicano, Chicana, the list goes on. In fact, nearly 28 million Latinos identified with more than one race in 2021, up from just 3 million in 2010. We demonstrate our perfect blend of history, tradition, culture and values in different and intricate ways. We are living as multi hyphenates on our terms.

While language and culture are at the core of Hispanic identity, brands must have a deeper understanding of the customs, habits, intersectionalities and subtext. Using creative science, anthropology and our proprietary 360 Geometry, our agency taps into the essence of Hispanic culture to bring key insights to our clients that deliver business results and brand love. This is the foundational underpinning of our work for global brands, and is the framework we applied to author authentic creative aimed at growing the Latino audience for HBO Max and AT&T.


Our agency created a national drive-to-retail campaign for AT&T targeted at Hispanic Ambicultural Millennials who are passionate about music. We partnered with international Reggaeton superstar, Maluma, to mobilize consumers and connect AT&T’s message of “Entertainment Your Way” to the bicultural, Hispanic audience.

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What resulted was #HAZRUIDO: a celebration and reminder to keep Hispanic heritage loud and alive through music and expression. The campaign recognized the growing influence Hispanic culture has in America, and evoked an empowering message for Hispanic Americans to make their voices be heard. Our team of marketers drove social, guerrilla, experiential, and drive-to-retail components that garnered 125 million impressions, 600K digital engagements, and was responsible for driving thousands in sales for AT&T.


Pa’lante is a future forward platform aimed at amplifying new Latinx voices and stories. A colloquial contraction of “para adelante,” (“go forward” in Spanish), Pa’lante speaks to Latino dreams, recognizing where they come from while acknowledging and applauding their drive to continue to move forward in their own unique way. We developed the strategy for this inclusive platform to strengthen HBO’s commitment to the audience and introduce the new HBO Max streaming platform, while seamlessly laddering up to their “Our Stories to Tell” umbrella of multicultural audience initiatives. The campaign launched to overwhelming reviews, support and engagement. To date, social handles combined have exceeded 800,000 followers.

As the fastest growing consumer segment, Hispanics remain an untapped market with immense opportunities for brands to connect and grow with their influence. This is a community who seek out brands that can dig deep into their passions, dreams, and aspirations to inspire powerful, authentic storytelling.

HBO PaLante by Sergio Fermin and Katty Huertas


To understand the Hispanic community is to acknowledge how far we’ve come. Not only are we immensely proud of our heritage, the pervasive influence of Hispanic culture can be felt within all aspects of society – from education and medicine, to entertainment, music and politics. With each generation, we reach new heights; embracing our heritage while sparking new conversations about what it means to be Hispanic in America. 

Today, Latinos harbor a massive 2.5 trillion in buying power, and yet they are still vastly underrepresented in all industries. Within the advertising sector, the disparities are impossible to ignore. Despite Hispanic and Black segments driving all new brand growth, less than 3% of creative agencies employ people of color. In the workplace, 65% of Fortune 1000 corporate boards lack Latino representation, although Latinos are the second largest demographic in the U.S. 


As storytellers, it’s important that we ensure diverse Hispanic voices are a part of the narrative. At our agency, we employ the next generation of multicultural voices in over 25 talented marketing professionals. Everyday, I’m inspired by our rockstar team whose breadth of experiences bring rich cultural insight and creative energy to inspire bold, authentic stories reflective of the Hispanic community. I’m proud that our agency gets to champion efforts to attract and develop Hispanic talent, while creating a positive impact in local communities for future generations. 


We are also immensely proud to nurture and represent the voices of the multicultural and multi-segment audiences including African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, Women and Millennials, who make up the rich tapestry of the U.S. fabric.


Hispanic Heritage Month May be coming to a close according to the calendar. We however will continue looking forward, while carving an identity of our choosing. For us this means realizing our own “American Dream,” while proudly embracing our native heritage. At our agency, we’re fortunate that we get to tell real stories that celebrate culture year-round. Representation matters. When we give Latinos a voice, it can be a powerful force that extends beyond baseline profits – it gives brands the ability to co-create the future.


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